Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Well.......Me and Ry decided it was time for round 2. (ry decided that right after keegan was born) It wasn't really planned but its better that way... Exactly 2 years ago the sunday right after thanksgiving I found out I was prego.....Well 2 years later the same sunday right after thanksgiving I found out IM PREGO! Its so crazy to think I will have 2 kids!!! ahhh... We are so excited though. The new babies due date was 1 day off of keegans orginal due date! and they moved it up to the date they moved keegans due date to which is the 26th of July!! Crazy Crazy! We already got to have an ultrasound and see the "bean" because when the dr. tried to find the heart beat well.....he couldn't find anything.... Ryan was really worried that I had miscarried. The Dr told us if the ultrasound came back negative on the heart beat we would have to talk about our options...Well I didn't want to have to talk about the options! They got us in to the ultrasound right away and the first thing the lady said was your baby is alive!! So we are excited and happy its alive and happy!!
hahah this is the funniest picture ever when I was prego with Keegan..Just thought I would share what im going to look like! :)